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Fun Things to do at Boyd Lake

About the lake

This pet-friendly attraction is a great location for friends and family to be close to nature while cooling off in the water. The Boyd Lake State Park is clean and quiet, perfect for a getaway from your busy life. The park also has bathrooms and other facilities for your convenience.

Boyd Lake has over 1,700 surface acres of water. You can enjoy almost any water sport you can imagine: boating, fishing, swimming, and more. And, most types of watercraft are allowed on the lake, including ski/fishing boats, jet skis, canoes, and sailboats.

The swimming area is closed, though you can swim anywhere else on the lake. No dogs are allowed in the swimming area.


Bring your fishing license to catch walleye, white bass, catfish and smallmouth bass. New to fishing? Hire a fishing guide to help you find the best spots on the lake to catch a big fish or visit one of the fishing gear shops to get insider's tips.

Check out:

In the winter, try ice fishing!

You can't fish from the docks or marina slips.
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Hop on a boat and cruise across the beautiful, blue waters of Boyd Lake. You can water ski, wakeboard, kneeboard, tube and slalom-ski during your stay at our RV resort. (Note that only the south end of the lake is open to water skiing, according to the Angler Guide.) If you just need to cool off, find a good place to drop anchor and swan dive into the water from the deck of your boat.

If your boat has an out-of-state seal, you won't be allowed to boat on Boyd Lake. Unless for special events like boat races, your boat can't go over 40 miles per hour.

Looking to rent a boat? Here are some of the places to get one:

Boyd Lake Marina
Buckhorn Ridge Outfitters
Inlet Bay Marina
Carter Lake Marina
Island Lake Marina & Sports
Highland Marina
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Bring your GPS to find hidden items and treasures in designated areas throughout the park. If you take something from the cache, be sure to put something back in for someone else to find. Become part of a group of geocachers in Colorado below.
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You can get an up close view of the state park and Boyd Lake while going on the four best hikes in the area:

  • Boyd Lake Trail via East 57th Street - easy, 7 miles
  • Boyd Lake Trail via Park Drive - easy, 8.1 miles
  • Boyd Lake Trail to Cottonwood Campground - easy, 2 miles
  • Loveland Recreation Trail - easy, 22.5 miles

There are also plenty of recreational trails for you to bike and hike around the area. In the winter, you can cross-country ski.
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Hunt for waterfowl in the designated hunt zones throughout the state park (you aren't allowed to hunt on the water). Some of the waterfowl in Colorado include:

  • Black-bellied whistling ducks
  • Snow geese
  • Pink-footed geese
  • American wigeons
  • Mallards
  • Long-tailed ducks

Be sure to have the right paperwork, licenses or passes before hunting.
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Ice skating

During the winter, the lake often freezes over. Grab a pair of ice skates and a loved one to glide across the ice. Be wary of dangerous spots on the ice. Don't skate alone.
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Stay with us

The Loveland RV Resort is down the street from Boyd Lake or a 10-minute drive from Boyd Lake State Park. Head to the water while staying with us!